Ecocolor™ (12 oz)

Ecocolor™ (12 oz)

O-I’s Ecocolor™ glass is a sustainable, cost-effective option for brewers looking for a unique packaging solution. Ecocolor glass is created during the transition from producing one color of glass to another color, so the hue of Ecocolor glass bottles may vary.  Ecocolor glass still meets the same safety and quality standards as all O-I glass, and goes through the same rigorous quality inspections.  And it builds on the inherent sustainability of glass by utilizing glass which previously would not have been used because of the color. Choose Ecocolor glass for a new way to differentiate your brand through the many wonderful attributes of glass – health, quality, taste and sustainability.   

Please Note: Although the blue Ecocolor glass offered in this product listing is well represented by the product photo, there may be some color variation.


12.000 oz / 354.88 ml


6.800 oz / 192.78 g


2.387 in / 60.63 mm


9.000 in / 228.60 mm

Label Panel Height 3.894 in / 98.90 mm
Label Panel Width (360° wrap) 7.373 in / 187.27 mm
Finish Type and Code Crown (026-0611)
Color Ecocolor™ blue

2360 bottles per pallet (bulk)